How to get the best shot at a perfect shot in gymnastics

A better shot in golf?

No problem.

You can now learn to hit the ball better.

And if you want to play golf, it’s a lot easier.

Read more In a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, researchers found that students who practiced hitting their shots at a better angle and angle of impact could hit a shot a full 90 per cent of the time, which is significantly better than the other way around.

“What we found was that students were able to get better shots, which was really impressive,” said lead researcher, Dr. Toni Auerbach, a research professor at University of Pennsylvania.

The researchers compared shots from students who practised at a 60 per cent angle of swing with those who practising at a 70 per cent or 80 per cent swing angle.

Students who practise at an angle of 90 per c, for example, were able hit a perfect 68.5 per cent.

For those who practise a 45 per cent to 60 per c angle, the students were only able to hit a 52 per cent success rate.

While the angle of attack was improved, the researchers say the biggest benefit was improved accuracy.

Using a ball at a different angle of contact for a different sport, such as golf, may be even more effective than practising with a 60-degree angle of angle.

Auerbach said that with a 70-degree or 80-degree swing angle, players would be able to see the ball, but not the trajectory, more clearly.

The results are based on students’ performance in a game, which takes about four to five days.

Dr. J.M. Lippert, professor of sports medicine at University at Buffalo, said it’s important to keep in mind the importance of angle of ball trajectory.

“[With a golf swing], the trajectory is the ball coming into the fairway,” he said.

“But with gymnastics, the trajectory can be a little bit more subtle.

So it’s very important to play the shot with the trajectory that you want.”

For more on this story, visit The Canadian Press.

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