NCAA gymnastics Regionals 2018: Girls and women’s gymnastics outfits available online for the first time

A handful of NCAA gymnastic outfits are on sale online for only $20 a pop.

The NCAA has announced the availability of the NCAA Gymnastics Collegiate Skirt (US$26.99), the NCAA Collegiate Swimsuit (US $29.99) and the NCAA Swimsuit Dress (US, $29) at sites including and

The NCAA also has two separate women’s athletic wear categories, women’s basketball and women and men’s soccer.

The Women’s Basketball Skirt is currently available for $35 at Amazon.

Com and the women’s soccer skirt is currently for $30 at Amazon and eBay .

Both of those are $20 each, with a minimum order of $20.

The new apparel offers the NCAA the chance to showcase its diverse talent and offer consumers more choices in its apparel offerings. 

“We’ve had a lot of requests to make it available online and we wanted to make sure that consumers could get it in their homes without leaving their local retailers,” NCAA spokeswoman Stephanie Gorman said.

“We’re excited to have a more diverse set of products available for consumers in the coming months.”

The NCAA is offering up to 50 percent off women’s football and 50 percent discount to men’s basketball, with women’s and men-only events being available at a $100 discount.

The new NCAA Swimwear Skirt, which was created by Adidas Originals, features an athletic mesh fabric with a mesh lining that has a unique embroidery on the back of the front panel.

The shorts and pants are available at $45 each.

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