Why is Barbie’s Gymnastics Doll Not the First Gymnast

On Monday, we shared a few new images from the upcoming sequel to the 2016 blockbuster, Barbie, which stars Elisabeth Moss as Barbie’s best friend, Mia.

We were excited to see the film, which is based on the life of the artist and her sister, Mia, get a much-needed third film to cement its place in pop culture.

However, a few minutes into the trailer, Mia’s “Barbie Gymnastic Doll” is nowhere to be found, and we couldn’t find the doll on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook.

The new photos are now making their way around the internet, and they are definitely worth sharing.

First off, this pic is just adorable.

pic.twitter.com/Q3w8Yd7Q2O — Katie Stearns (@KatieStearns) February 6, 2019When Mia first opens up her new wardrobe in the trailer for Barbie’s Gym: The Last Gymnasts, she is seen in a short, revealing photo with a “Barby Gymnasty Doll” that she is holding.

It’s a very cool look for the doll, and a nice nod to the fact that this is the first appearance of Mia’s original doll in the film.

However the doll does not appear in the full trailer, which only shows Mia posing with the original doll.

It appears that Mia has a second one to replace her original, and in the new trailer, she does not even have to go shopping for one.

The second doll in Mia’s new wardrobe is named Mia.

She has the same hairstyle, makeup, and outfits as the original, but it seems like she’s made some minor changes.

Instead of wearing a pink dress, Mia now wears a black dress with the same color as her hair.

The doll also has a smaller, slightly longer arm and leg, which looks a lot more feminine.

There are also a couple of other new shots of Mia in her new outfits.

In the trailer Mia’s first outfit is a black outfit with a pink shirt and black pants.

She also has some pink shoes in her bag.

Mia’s second outfit is an all-black outfit with black pants, black shirt, and black boots.

The pink shoes look a lot less feminine.

Mia is also wearing a black headband, which she does again, but in this new outfit, the headband is a little more pointed.

Mia has more hair, and her hair is styled into a ponytail.

Finally, Mia wears a pink hat, which we’re glad to see is still a part of the film in this version of the trailer.

Mia also has new outfits in the latest trailer for the sequel, Barbit.

This time she’s wearing a red dress and a red-white-and-blue-striped dress, and also a pink headband.

Mia also has an all white outfit with the dress, but her new outfit doesn’t have any of her old outfits.

The dress looks a little less formal.

Mia wears her new costume in the first trailer, but she doesn’t appear in this trailer.

In the trailer where Mia is on the run from Mia’s father, Mia is seen wearing a dress that looks very similar to the one Mia wore in the last movie.

This outfit has a more traditional look, and it looks like Mia is wearing a very similar outfit to her mother’s in the original Barbie.

The only difference is that Mia’s mother is a different color and has blonde hair.

Mias new outfit looks like a more modern take on her mother, and I’m excited to try it out.

I also like that Mia is finally wearing a full black dress.

Mia isn’t wearing her hair down anymore, so this looks like the first time Mia has worn a black wig in years.

Mica also has the following new hairstyles:Her hair is now in a pony tail.

Her eyebrows are now longer.

Miley’s hair is still straight.

Mys new wardrobe also has another new look:Her headband now has a little longer, and the rest of the hair is shorter.

Micheal is wearing this outfit:Mia is wearing her new clothes in the final trailer:This is the final outfit Mia is shown in, but I think she is also showing us more of Mia as a person.

It looks like this is a very different Mia than the one we saw in the trailers.

It also looks like she is having fun with the new clothes, and she has a new hairstyle.

This might be the first movie where Mia has to make her decision to wear her new look or keep the old one.

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