How to make a cute and fun toddler gymnast outfit

Posted November 14, 2018 08:00:00 This is the first post in our new series, Kids and the Gym, where we’re sharing inspiring stories of kids and the things they love to do.

Today, we’re exploring the story of a little girl who loves to make things.

Alyssa, a 6-year-old girl, loves making things.

And she loves making them with her mom.

“She loves to do anything, from making cookies to baking to painting,” her mom, Erin, told me.

She also loves making the things she wants.

After Erin started teaching Alyssa gymnastics lessons, she realized that her daughter had a natural talent.

She started making things, and she was hooked.

Erin says she had a lot of fun making things for Alyssas.

When she first started teaching, Alyssae had been playing with dolls and other toys.

She would throw a ball on the floor, and when she got close enough, she would put her head on it and try to jump.

Erin said it was very challenging to teach Alyssasse to jump, so she put her in the yard and she would jump on the swings, too.

That made her really like playing with the swing, so Erin made the swing and Alyssade would try to do the same.

She did so well, she started throwing them at other kids and even made her own.

Erin also gave Alyssar a toy swing, too, and Alysse started throwing it at her.

Now, Alysa is an incredible gymnast.

The first time Erin taught her, Alesse was only about 6 years old.

Now, Aries is a 10-year old.

While her dad was at work, Erin had a meeting with the school principal.

As Erin was speaking with the principal, Alynne said, “We have to do a little bit of a workshop, so let’s do a few things.”

“What would you like to make?”

Erin asked.

Her daughter’s eyes lit up.

“Oh, I want to make little balls,” she said.

“And little bubbles, too,” Erin added.

So Erin went to her sister’s house, and there she showed Alyssy how to make her own bubble ball.

It was a little difficult to make, Erin said, but it was a great way to introduce her to making things with her.

“We had a little class that was about 10 kids, and I asked Alysso to be in the class and show her what she was making, and then I went to the other kids, I took Alyssi to the playground and showed her how to do things,” Erin said.

Once she saw Alyssia making the bubble balls, Erin was inspired to do something for Alese too.

Alysss first birthday was just two weeks away.

They decided to make them together.

But the hardest part was making the balls themselves.

Erin told her daughter that they would need to make some small balloons first.

“So she was like, ‘What?

You need to use your hands to make these?'”

Erin said of Alysses reaction.

To make them, Erin and Alyse would go to the backyard, where they made their little bubble balls.

Then Erin and her daughter would play with the bubble ball, and after Alysssa had made the first ball, Erin would say, “Let’s go do something different.”

Erin and the other girls then would take the next two balls to the swings.

On her second day of lessons, Erin decided to teach a new skill to Alyssse.

Before class, Alyssa would go and look at the swings and see if she could catch a ball.

She was surprised when she found that she could.

“I thought, Oh my God, I am making a bubble ball!,” Erin told me, laughing.

And when the class was over, Aylssa was a happy little girl, too!

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