Irish gymnastics coach calls for greater attention to female athletes

The Irish Olympic Gymnastics Coach has called for more emphasis on female athletes in sport and sport-related media.

The Irish Olympic Sports Coach, who also worked at the University of Limerick, said it is not enough to look at the performance of a female athlete.

“There is a huge gap between women’s performance and men’s performance.”

In sport, there is a massive gender gap.

“It’s very important to have a gender equality programme in the sport and that is the one thing we need to focus on,” he said.

He said the gender gap in the national team is huge.

“I think we have got a lot of female athletes who are competing in national events and I think it is time that they are given more recognition,” he added.

He was speaking at a conference at the Dublin Institute of Sport (DIT) in Co Mayo which was attended by Sports Ireland, the International Olympic Committee and the Irish Government.

“We need to take a step forward in the world in terms of promoting women’s participation,” he stated.

“To be fair, we do have a great amount of female Olympians in sport, but we need more.”

The Irish women’s national team were last in the running for the Rio 2016 Summer Games but were beaten by Russia, Germany and Australia in the final.

However, the team was given a boost in the last week of the competition when the team captain, Katie Archibald, was named as the 2016 Olympic silver medallist.

The event was held at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro and featured an elite men’s team, women’s team and a women’s cross country team.

However a number of the competitors missed out on medal chances.

The men’s men’s cross-country team was the only one to advance to the semi-finals, where they will face off against Italy.

A spokeswoman for the International Cross Country Federation (ICCF) said the federation has no plans to award any medals for this year’s Rio Olympics.

“The medal count is still not available but we have not yet had an opportunity to review the results of the Rio Olympics and it is important to remember that medals are awarded on a case-by-case basis,” she said.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) said it has no immediate plans to honour the bronze medallists.

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