Kips Gymnastics plus Gymnastic Matts to be available in 2017

The International Gymnastique Federale (IGF) and the International Gymniastique Internationale (IGI) announced that Kips gymnastic mats will be available for purchase in 2017, bringing the number of gyms that offer matting to eight.

Gymnastic mats are designed for the high-risk, high-reward gymnastics program and offer high levels of stability and comfort.

They can be used for the gymnastics or swimming events and they can also be used as a form of rehabilitation for injuries.

While the IGI currently lists seven gymnastics matts as being offered, the Kips announcement said they will be joining the IGA in 2017.

“We are excited to announce the availability of the Kip Gymnasts matts in 2017,” IGI President Michael Nuss said in a statement.

Kips Gymmasts matting will be made from high quality materials and will be sold through an online platform.

IGI members who wish to order Kips mats can do so by visiting the online shop and filling out an online order form.

The IGI and the IGH also said the IGL will be adding more gymnastic gymnasts to its membership base in 2017 and will include new and existing gyms.

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