When men’s gymnastic events fall flat: Why we need grip bags

Women’s gymnasts and men’s athletes should have grip bags and wrist straps that can hold their grip and prevent injuries when the sport goes down the wrong track.

The Australian Gymnastics Federation has taken its cue from US gymnastics where the US National Gymnastically Standards Institute (NGSI) has developed a training program for female gymnasts.

The training program is aimed at improving grip strength and the flexibility of the wrist, as well as increasing wrist mobility.

The NGSI’s grip training program was originally designed for women, but was adapted to fit men, says NGSA spokesperson James Daley.

The Grip Bags’ training is designed to help improve grip strength in both genders.

“The purpose of the program is to develop a foundation for athletes that can take the sport forward in the same manner as men,” Daley said.

“We believe that women and men can benefit from the same skillsets, but the skills required for success are very different.”

The grip training is meant to help athletes develop the strength to keep the grip on the bars during gymnastics competitions.

The training is also designed to allow athletes to work on flexibility and stability in the wrist and fingers during the competition.

Daley said the grip training should be used for all events in a female gymnastics event.

“When a woman’s sport goes to the mat and they do not have the flexibility to hold the bar on the ground, that is when they may struggle in competition,” he said.

A grip bag can be made to fit any wrist strap, with the only requirements being that it can be used with the grip strap of the same length.

“Our athletes have been asked by the public for advice and suggestions on how to make a grip bag for female competitors, which we have always provided,” Daly said.

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The key is to make sure you have a strong grip that is suitable for the task at hand, and a grip that you can work on for several repetitions.”

Read more: Gymnastic grip training in Australia is the best in the world

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