Why it’s OK to be insecure and be insecure about everything

We’ve all been there.

You’re in a situation where you’re dealing with an emotional crisis and you have to be able to get through it.

But what’s it like to have to deal with a huge amount of anxiety and depression?

If you have a partner who is struggling with their own issues, that can be an enormous challenge for both of you.

What do you do when it’s your partner that’s feeling the most vulnerable?

That’s where things get tricky, because what are the things that your partner might be experiencing?

Are they feeling the things you’re feeling?

And are you ready to tell them that you’re not going to cope?

And if they tell you that they’re not ready to cope, what’s the best course of action?

And what do you tell your partner if you’re struggling?

It’s like a game of musical chairs.

There’s a little bit of risk and there’s a lot of reward.

You can’t have it both ways.

When it comes to dealing with your partner’s emotional distress, what do your partners want?

Are you able to do what they want?

That means that it’s really important that you understand their needs and feelings.

Are they looking for a solution that will help them, or a solution they don’t like?

If your partner isn’t able to see their options, what are your options?

Are there any things you can do to help them to make the decision that’s best for them?

And that’s where it becomes tricky because there’s so many different ways to approach a crisis.

The person that you are with, the relationship that you have, and the things they’re doing to try to keep you alive can all be changing, and you’re probably going to need to adjust to that.

So you have got to think about it, and try to figure out what is the best way to support your partner in making the right decision?

Is there a way that you can tell them, “Yes, we’re going to support you,” or is there a different way that they can tell you?

That could be helpful.

You might find that you need to help your partner to understand what they need to do, or you might find they need help with the emotional recovery process, or they might need to talk to someone who can talk about the issue and give them a chance to share their feelings with you.

So how do you help your person make that choice?

Well, the first thing you have are a couple of coping mechanisms, and that’s to talk about what’s going on.

Your partner is the first person you need for support, because they’re the person that’s experiencing the emotional issues.

They may need to listen to your partner and understand what’s happening in their life.

You need to also be able talk about it with them, and explain to them how to manage it.

Your response is important, because if you don’t tell them what you need them to do to deal, you’re missing the whole point of coping.

You don’t need to be saying, “I know this person has problems.

I know what I need them and I’m going to give them what they’re asking for.”

You’re saying, I need to support them.

The best way you can help your loved one cope is by letting them know what you’re doing, and talking about it.

If your relationship is a long-term one, and your partner is struggling, they may be worried about how long they can hold on to their partner and what they can do.

They’re going through a process of dealing with their feelings, so that’s when you need your partner for support.

If they’re in therapy or at a crisis centre, you need their input.

You may want to ask them what the options are, what the issues are, how to support the partner.

They should be willing to share those feelings, but they’re also going to want to tell you about how they’re coping.

Your emotional support can be helpful, but you need the support.

You also need to take them to the doctor, and get their medical records.

That’s when it becomes a bit more complex.

Your medical records are important.

You want them to know about the emotional problems that your loved person is having, and how to help with that.

They also need a good history of the relationship, so they can make sure that they know what to look out for when you’re having a crisis, and what to do if you need help.

What can you do if your partner has suicidal thoughts or is trying to kill themselves?

If they have suicidal thoughts, there are a lot different things that you should do to get their attention, and if you can’t get them to think that they have any control over their emotions, that’s the place to get them help.

If their partner has tried to take their own life, they might be feeling anxious or depressed about their situation.

It’s important that they are given a plan

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