How to train for the best gymnastics matches

When you want to train to be the best in the world, you can do a lot worse than going to a gymnastics competition, says former world champion Simone Biles. 

It’s an awesome way to learn the fundamentals, she says.

Biles, now a commentator for ABC, is one of many athletes who have been trained by Biles, who trains with her partner and fellow gymnast, Olympic gymnast and Olympic silver medalist Simone Bile.

Biles says gymnastics is her passion. 

She has a strong love for it. 

“I’ve been practicing it for a long time and have gotten so good at it, that I have never stopped practicing it,” she says of her love for the sport. 

Biles started her gymnastics career in 2000, and has since won seven Olympic gold medals. 

The former gymnast says she has had the chance to train with the best.

“I think that if you go out there and do your best, you will be the very best in gymnastics,” she said.

“You can train to the top, and you can train with all the world’s top gymnasts, and that’s what I do.”

Biles is known for her amazing jumps, but she says she can train even harder.

“If I train hard enough, if I have enough energy and if I can’t let go, I will be in the top of my game,” she told ABC. 

In 2012, she was named the 2014 Golden Spikes at the National Championships in Boulder, Colorado. 

After the Rio Olympics, Biles says she trained hard to become one of the best female gymnasts. 

There’s no denying that Biles is a world class athlete, but it’s what she has been doing for the last decade or so that has given her the edge.

“In gymnastics, you have to be extremely disciplined, you need to train really hard,” she explains.

“And when you train hard, you train the whole body.”

But if you don’t train the entire body, the body is going to be very slow and you’re going to get hurt, and if you get hurt you’re never going to compete again.

“Bile and Biles share a love for gymnastics and the sport of gymnastics. 

For Biles it was the first time she was able to practice with her own body. 

But even as she trains, Bile is not a believer in the training itself.”

My focus is to do it for the body,” she tells ABC.”

To have your body to work on and to do everything to get better. 

That’s my focus and that will take care of itself.” 

Bile says that training with Biles has given Biles a lot of confidence.”

When I’m with her, I’m just so confident, and it’s hard to get confidence when you’re in front of a TV camera,” she recalls.”

She’s such a positive person, and I love that.

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