UCL gymnastics team announces roster changes

UCL Gymnastics Team announced on Monday that it has lost two gymnasts.

The UCL Women’s gymnastics squad has been stripped of two of its four gymnasts as the school and the coaching staff have taken steps to try and replace the two.

The team announced in a statement that the two members of the UCL Girls’ Gymnastic Team have left the team for personal reasons.

“On Monday we informed the gymnastics staff that we have decided to suspend the UPC Gymnast team, effective immediately,” the statement read.

The announcement comes as UCL is struggling with a series of high-profile incidents, including the recent arrest of UCL student Rachel O’Leary on charges of possessing a banned substance.”

The UPC Girls’ team, which was coached by UCL President, Prof. Kate Walker, was the top-ranked team in the UK’s Gymnathlon Championship and has been performing well in the Women’s Championships.”

The announcement comes as UCL is struggling with a series of high-profile incidents, including the recent arrest of UCL student Rachel O’Leary on charges of possessing a banned substance.

The news comes after the team and coach have been under fire for their handling of the allegations, which also include allegations of a lack of communication, bullying and bullying.UCL is one of only two gymnastics schools in the country to be in the midst of a leadership crisis, with UCLs gymnastics director, professor Kate Walker being forced out earlier this month and UCL’s gymnast head coach being forced to resign.

Walker, a former Olympic medalist, has been at the helm of the team since she took over in March 2017.

Walker said at the time that the team was still on track to make the final four at the UK championships.

“Our goal is to get to the final of the UK Championships in 2019,” she said.

“That’s what we’re all working towards.”

Walker said in a letter to the U.K.’s National Gymnasts Association that the staff have also faced “an ongoing crisis of confidence” in recent weeks, with many students being bullied and verbally abused by coaches and staff.

“The team’s work to improve the culture of the club and our approach to managing our own personal issues has been under pressure, and we have faced personal challenges, including bullying and abuse, in recent days,” Walker said.

Walker and her team have also been facing a number of allegations that they did not speak to one another during the investigation into the alleged incident.

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