How a gymnast with a giant bubble butt and a body double became the ‘Best Girlfriend Ever’

Aly Raisman has made an unlikely debut on the cover of GQ, the magazine that has become synonymous with female gymnasts and fitness, and the magazine’s most-viewed issue to date.

It was not Raisman’s first time on the magazine cover, nor is it her first appearance in a bikini, which is not her preferred style of dressing.

Instead, Raisman opted to take to the runway for a very different cover.

In a way, the two photos are one in the same: Raisman, a former gymnast at the University of Washington, is in a swimsuit with her arms extended in the air, her back to the camera.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the 28-year-old athlete in public since she broke the internet’s record for the most social media followers.

The two photos come from a feature on Raisman called “Warm and Wild,” which chronicles her journey from a girl with a body of her own to a world-class athlete.

Raisman also wrote a book called “Gymnast in a Bubble,” which details her journey and the lives of some of the women she meets along the way.

Here are some photos from the article.

Raised in the city of Santa Cruz, California, Raismans mom, Stephanie, is also the founder and owner of The Sports Girlfriend Project, a nonprofit that provides support to female athletes.

The organization is based in Santa Cruz and provides support for female athletes, coaches, and athletes from diverse backgrounds.

The SportsGirlfriend Project is an example of the kind of non-profit that Raisman and her mom have built.

Raismons book “Won’t You Please Come Home to Me,” which was released in January, was also a huge success for the organization.

Raistamos success has also inspired a few other women who have followed her path.

In December, Raisons ex-boyfriend, Tyler Oakley, released a book titled “My Girl” which details the ups and downs of the relationships that led to her divorce.

Raisings success has inspired a lot of other women to follow her path, and she’s just the latest celebrity who has joined the ranks of those who have taken up the cause.

What do you think about Raisman posing for the magazine?

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