How the U.S. Olympic team is taking gymnastics to a whole new level

USA Gymnastics is moving up the ranks in gymnastics and has taken the top gymnastics team to the top of the world rankings, in the latest example of how the sport is changing.

The United States Gymnastic Federation (USGFF) has been ranked No.1 in the world, up from No. 3 in 2016.

The USGFF also became the first non-U.S.-based sport in history to have two members at the top spot in the World Gymnasts rankings.

The women’s team will be the first to have three female gymnasts on its roster, after the U2 women’s gymnastics squad won the world championships last month.

“We are thrilled to be on the same stage as the U-20 women’s national team,” USGff President John DiMaggio said.

“They will be on this stage for years to come.

The best way to prepare for this is to have an Olympic team.

It will help us prepare for what the future holds for the sport.”USA Gymnics won gold in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and it has qualified for four Olympics in the past seven years, including the 2020 Games.

But the U20 team is still in a transition period.

DiMagni said the new gymnastics system will allow the team to focus on improving in preparation for the next Olympics, which will be held in Japan in 2024.

The USG is also moving to a new team name for its gymnastics division.

The girls will be called the U16 team.

DiFaggio called the name a natural evolution for the women’s program, but he said the naming of the team was not the intent.

“There’s no question that the name is an evolution,” DiFoggio said in an interview.

“It’s a little bit more descriptive, it’s more descriptive of the girls in the program, the women in the gymnastics program.

But we didn’t want to go out and say ‘Hey, we’ve got a team name now.’ “

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