How to play the “real gymnastics” with your kids

The secret to success is being able to get your child to jump, walk and dance.

Here’s how to teach them how to do it right.


Get them excited about their sport.

Make sure they are excited about being able do something.

Ask them to do something they enjoy and have fun doing.

They might say, “I want to play gymnastics!” or “I love gymnastics.”

That will make it easier to keep their interest.


Make the sport fun.

Kids need to see themselves doing something exciting.

They need to be able to do things like jump, do pushups, and dance with their parents.


Build an environment of trust.

If you have a team of teachers or a parent with kids, ask them to teach the sport with your children.

Make them feel comfortable teaching the sport together.


Make their skill level look natural.

Make it fun and engaging for their eyes, hands and feet.

Make your kids feel like they are participating in something they really love.


Make this a team sport.

If your child is not good at a particular sport, give them the opportunity to learn another sport or skill to help them learn to be good at that sport or to help others do it.

Make that the focus of their daily life.


Make a goal to work toward.

For example, make it a goal for your child not to be distracted from the activities they enjoy.

When they are engaged, they will be able be focused on their goals.


Make time to connect with your child.

When you are not doing your own choreography or if you are busy, give your child time to do choreography for you or to play with them.

Make those times when they are not engaged with you a time for you to get to know them better.


Give your child opportunities to practice.

When your child has time to practice and get a feel for the sport, it will help them to keep practicing, especially if you ask them what they are good at and why they need to do the skill.


Use social media.

If possible, let your child use Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to share their sport with their friends.


Make clear that the sport is fun and fun for all.

Make certain that everyone in your household is happy with the sport and the team.

Make an effort to help your child see what is good about their team and make it part of their everyday life.

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