Why Gymnast’s ‘Clothes Malfunction’ Is Not a Gymnastics Event

Posted October 06, 2019 17:31:24After a gymnast was caught in the clothes malfunction, gymnastics legend, Olympia Gymnasts, posted on Facebook that the gymnast had “no idea what the fuck was going on.”

A spokesperson for the Gymnastic Association of America (GAA) told the Associated Press that the GAA was in contact with the gymnasts team and the gymnastics association, but could not comment further.

The incident occurred when a member of the women’s team dressed in an athletic outfit malfunctioned.

The gymnast reportedly had her clothes all ripped up and was then seen in a state of disorientation, before she collapsed and was rushed to a hospital.

The Gymnastically told the AP that the team was “still trying to find out what was going wrong and if it was a medical issue or if it’s a freak event.”

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